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Therehere are many different minerals which are transformed into sphere and egg shapes in Madagascar. Some widely known minerals are Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz and Rose Quartz.

The clear Quartz spheres come in both very clear, and cloudy, white variations. There are occasionally Quartz spheres with different inclusions as well.

Generally, the quality of the Rose Quartz used for spheres is very good, with deep pink colours, and a translucent clarity. Occasionally the Rose Quartz spheres exhibit a six-pointed star, as the light catches the surface of one plane. These are not very common.

Septareye, or Dragon's Egg, is not a very well-known mineral, but it is often shaped into spheres and eggs in Madagascar, and is very beautiful.

Labradorite spheres are also readily available.

graphicPlease select 'View Specimen' on the right for close-up photographs, and a description of the selected sphere or egg.

If you are looking for a particular mineral sphere that is not displayed here, then please contact us personally. We will do our best to source what you request.

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