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Therehe diversity of minerals from this region, makes this an interesting page. Ruby Corundum, Copralite, Petrified Wood, Copal Amber, and Quartz, are all featured in this section.

Copralite is a Limonite pseudomorph of fossilized Dinosaur faeces, or petrified intestinal matter. The specimens from Madagascar are about 70 million years old. The Copralites are often found near Dinosaur remains, but if not, it is difficult to determine exactly what species they come from.

Most of the Madagascan Petrified Wood is from the Poducarpus, and is found in Mahajanga. This is often Silicified Wood, which is cut into slices and polished. It appears in a wide variety of colours.

The Copal Amber is a semi-fossil of Coniferous resin. This means that it is soluble in organic solvents. The true Amber, Baltic Amber, is harder, and non-soluble. Copal Amber often has organic inclusions in it, either plant or insect remains. It is not particularly old, probably only a few thousand years.

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If you are looking for something in particular from this location, that is not displayed here, please contact us and we will try and source it for you.

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