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Our last "rockhounding" expedition was during November 2003. We were in Namibia for ten days, and included visits to both the Brandberg Mountain, and the Erongo Region in search of special and interesting specimens to offer you. Fortunately the trip was a great success, and we were able to obtain lovely pieces from both of these locations.

The Brandberg crystals were not as plentiful as we had hoped, although the quality of what was available was good. It seems that the area is not revealing its beautiful crystals as readily as in the past.

Another factor which has influenced the amount of quartz produced in the area, has been the lack of water. The region is very hot and dry, with no natural water available to the people living and working in the area. In the past, water had been ferried in from the nearest town, chiefly by one local man who owned a "bakkie" (pick-up). Unfortunately he passed away several months ago, leaving the people without a regular water supply. As a result, many of them have left the area, to find work in nearby towns.

Many of the simply constucted houses now stand deserted.

The few people who remain in the area are working hard to try and satisfy the demand for these beautiful crystals.

We are confident that the water problem will soon be resolved, and the miners will discover a new Quartz vein which will yield some more spectacular specimens!

If you are interested in seeing some of the beautiful new specimens which we obtained on this trip, please view the Brandberg page, using the navigational bar at the top of the page.

From here we headed South-East to Klein Spitzkoppe to see what we could obtain in the way of Topaz. We again, did not find many pieces, but the few we did get were of a lovely quality. We were able to get our hands on some larger specimens, which are not easy to come by. There are also some fine quality smaller specimens.

Look at our Topaz specimens under the locality Erongo.

From there we drove across to the Erongo Mountain Range and were able to get some lovely Smokey Quartz and Schorl specimens.
photo There were also a few Hyalite specimens available. These are fairly rare at the moment, with most of our stock having been obtained on previous trips over the last few years.

We also managed to squeeze

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